Novestra’s shareholders’ equity amounted to MSEK 375.3 (593.2) which corresponds to a value of SEK 16.0 (25.4) per share. The Group’s cash and cash equivalents, amounted to MSEK 113.7 (229.7) which corresponds to SEK 4.9 (9.8) per share. Solidity amounted to 98.3% (91.9).

Novestra’s result for the period was MSEK – 69.0 (–70.1) which corresponds to SEK –3.0 (–3.0) per share. MSEK –11.9 (–8.9) of the result pertains to share of earnings of associated companies.

Many of Novestra’s industrial holdings have shown very positive development in sales and result in 2001. The aggregate sales in Novestra’s unlisted holdings have increased from MSEK 560 in 2000 to approx. SEK 1.1 billion in 2001 which, again, means a growth in sales of approx. 100%. The aggregate sales are expected to reach approx. SEK 2 billion in 2002.

Several companies showed positive cash flow during Q4 2001 and are expected to show profitable growth in 2002. By and large, all industrial holdings are fully financed with current business plans.

Among Novestra’s industrial holdings, Strax, Qbranch, Netsurvey and myPublisher are, in particular, estimated to have the necessary qualities to develop well. Among the investment holdings, B2 Bredband and Continuum have all the requirements to yield good returns to their shareholders. Novestra will focus on supporting those companies which have the competence and the qualifications to develop its business and to create growth in revenue and result. With the latest write-downs, the part of the book values relating to holdings with capital needs or which have had a negative development in 2001 is limited.

Today, Novestra is well positioned to take part in the restructuring of the venture capital market which is likely to gather momentum this year. The company is evaluating a number of strategic deals which, if concluded, would bring resources in the form of both capital and investments.

For further information please contact Mr Thomas Åkerman, President, phone No. +46 8 545 017 50.

About AB Novestra
AB Novestra is one of the leading independent venture capital investment companies in the Nordic region with focus on companies providing enabling network technologies and services for the communications industry. Novestra’s portfolio of companies includes B2 Bredband AB, Comintell Holding AB, Continuum Group Ltd, myPublisher, Inc. (formerly Recollections, Inc.), Netsurvey AB, Qbranch AB, Strax Holdings, Inc. and a number of other holdings. Novestra’s shares are listed on the O-List of Stockholmsborsen.

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