2007-03-27 Proposal for an initial distribution of SEK 5 per share


In today’s notice for the upcoming AGM on the 24 of April 2007, it is proposed to initiate a redemption procedure for the shareholders’ in which each share will be split up into two shares, and one share will be redeemed for SEK 5.

Furthermore, it is proposed that the principles for the incentive bonus program for the company’s employees for 2006, shall be applied for the financial year 2007. According to the principles decided by the AGM in 2006, no bonus was paid out for the financial year 2006.

In connection with the AGM, the management intends to present plans for additional dividends, distribution of assets, and strategic opportunities within the realms of the current business operations.

“We are currently evaluating a number of strategic alternatives and the size of the proposed dividend is based on retaining a necessary liquidity for all the strategic alternatives that we are evaluating. Depending on the strategic decision the company is planning to make additional dividend payments and/or distribution of assets during the remainder of the year. We believe that Diino has the potential of creating additional value for our shareholders if it is listed separately. In addition we are looking at the possibility of Novestra continuing as a listed investment company with a different investment focus than the one we have had to date” says Novestra’s Managing Director, Johan Heijbel.

For further information please contact Johan Heijbel, Managing Director, AB Novestra, telephone no. +46 8 545 01750.

About AB Novestra
Novestra is an independent investment company with a portfolio of investments in a number of privately held growth companies including Diino AB, Explorica, Inc., MyPublisher, Inc., Netsurvey AB, Qbranch AB and Strax Holdings, Inc.

The Novestra shares are listed on the Nordic Small Cap list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. For further information regarding AB Novestra, reference is made to www.novestra.com

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