2007-04-24 Comments from the AGM: Positive development in Diino


“Diino has had an exceptional development during the last quarter and has now reached the same daily internet traffic level as Xdrive.com, a competitor that was acquired by AOL in 2005. In spite of this development it will take another year or so before we can conclude if Diino’s relative success has lead to a stable position in its fast growing market segment.

Sweden and Mexico account for the most positive development among new users. This is mainly due to market activities in these countries. USA, Great Britain and India are also represented among the top markets. However, long term, it is likely that markets with a sophisticated user base will be those that generate the highest number of users.” Says Johan Heijbel, CEO of Novestra at today’s AGM.

For further information please contact Johan Heijbel, Managing Director, AB Novestra, telephone no. +46 8 545 01750.

About AB Novestra
Novestra is an independent investment company with a portfolio of investments in a number of privately held growth companies including Bytek Systems AB, Explorica, Inc., MyPublisher, Inc., Netsurvey AB, Qbranch AB and Strax Holdings, Inc.

The Novestra shares are listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm. For further information regarding AB Novestra, reference is made to www.novestra.com

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