At the end of July, AB Novestra has received an additional in excess of MSEK 20
in dividends from its co-investment vehicle Continuum Group Ltd. The dividend payments are a part of Continuum’s planned winding up by which proceeds from Continuum’s sales of assets will be distributed to shareholders. Novestra expects to receive further dividend payments from Continuum during the next 12 to 18 months, after which the winding up of the company is expected to be completed.

“The dividends are a part of the winding up process which Continuum initiated last year. Even though our holding in Continuum does not constitute any major part of Novestra’s assets, we are pleased that Continuum’s investments have had such positive developed,” Novestra’s Managing Director, Peter Ekelund, says.

For further information please contact Peter Ekelund, Managing Director, AB Novestra, phone No. +46 8 545 017 50.

About AB Novestra
Novestra is an independent investment company with a portfolio of investments in a number of privately held growth companies including Bytek
Systems AB, Explorica, Inc., MyPublisher, Inc., Qbranch AB and Strax Holdings, Inc. In addition, Novestra has holdings in a number of public companies through Nove Capital Fund, a special situations fund focusing on the Nordic region.

The Novestra shares are listed on the O List of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. For further information regarding AB Novestra, reference is made to .

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