2013-04-25 Press release: Bulletin from the Annual General Meeting

At today’s Annual General Meeting in AB Novestra (publ) it was resolved to adopt the income statement and balance sheet, consolidated income statement and balance sheet for 2012. Furthermore, it was resolved that the distributable funds, SEK 234,879,985, should be brought forward. The Annual General Meeting resolved to discharge the board members and the managing director from liability.

Theodor Dalenson, Anders Lönnqvist, Bertil Villard, Jens A. Wilhelmsen and Jan Söderberg were re-elected as ordinary Board members and Stein Wessel-Aas was re-elected as deputy member of the Board of the company in accordance with the proposal of the nomination committee. The Annual General Meeting further re-elected Theodor Dalenson as the chairman of the Board of Directors. Furthermore, the Annual General Meeting re-elected KPMG AB, with Ingrid Hornberg Román as auditor in charge, for the period until the end of the next annual general meeting.

It was resolved that a Directors’ remuneration in the aggregate amount of SEK 500,000 shall be paid, of which each member and deputy member of the Board of Directors, who do not draw salary from the company, is entitled to receive SEK 100,000. Following a separate agreement with the company, a Board member may invoice the fees for the board work, together with statutory social security contributions and value added tax, through a company owned by the Board member, subject to the precondition that such payment is cost neutral to the company. In addition thereto, the working Chairman of the Board shall be entitled to a remuneration of SEK 48,000 excluding VAT per month (previously SEK 80,000 per month), which can be invoiced to a private company, and also receive the same benefits as other employees. It was resolved that auditor’s fees shall be paid as per current account as approved by the company.

The Annual General Meeting resolved to adopt the Board of Directors’ proposal regarding guidelines for remuneration for the company’s management and other employees for the financial year 2013.

It was further resolved, in accordance with the proposal from the Board of Directors, to authorise the Board of Directors to, up until the next Annual General Meeting, on one or several occasions and with or without preferential rights for the shareholders, resolve on a share issue of a maximum of 6,000,000 new shares.

Lastly, it was resolved, in accordance with the Board of Directors’ proposal, to authorise the Board of Directors to resolve on the acquisition and sale of the company’s own shares.

Additional information regarding the resolutions of the Annual General Meeting can be found in the proposals to the Annual General Meeting, which were prepared and that can be found on the company’s website.

For further information please contact Johan Heijbel, Managing Director, AB Novestra, phone no. +46 8 545 017 50.

About AB Novestra 

Novestra is an independent investment company with a portfolio of investments in a number of privately held growth companies including Explorica, Inc., MyPublisher, Inc., and Strax Group GmbH. In addition, Novestra has an investment corresponding to approximately 6 percent of the shares in WeSC AB, listed on First North. 

The Novestra shares are listed on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, under the symbol NOVE, in the Small Cap section. For further information regarding AB Novestra, reference is made to www.novestra.com 

The information in this press release is such that AB Novestra is required to disclose pursuant to the Swedish Securities Market Act and/or the Swedish Financial Instrument Trading Act and/or the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm rules. AB Novestra released the information for publication on April 25, 2013 at 6 pm (CET).

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